PCC and other Polish Organizations will participate in the Bicentennial Parade. Parade Route: Liberty Avenue, from 11th St. to Point State Park (.8 of a mile) The Bicentennial Parade serves as a ‘human’ timeline, beginning with the first indigenous residents of the region, and proceeding through our history of immigration from Europe and newly arriving [...]

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Polish American Congress of Western PA meeting on June 25th, 2016 @2PM

Polish American Congress is the umbrella organization for Polonia in the United States. Polish American Congress will held a reorganization meeting on Saturday, June 25 @ 2 PM. The primary purpose is to reorganize the Division and elect officers. To participate you must be a PAC Western PA Division member. The meeting will take place [...]

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Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski from Carnegie Mellon University has received 2016 “Outstanding Pole” award.

"Outstanding Pole" competition takes place simultaneously in Poland and abroad and grants the title to individuals, whose achievements, attitude and professionalism have made the greatest contribution to building and promoting a positive image of Poland in the world.

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“TALES OF POLA NEGRI” APRIL 16, 2016 @ 7 pm The Maker Theater

"Tales of Pola Negri" ( Opowieści Poli Negri)is a fascinating rags-to-riches play about the career of the Polish-born Hollywood star of the silent movies era of the 1920s-1930s.It is written and directed by Kazimierz Braun and produced by the Polish Theater of Toronto, Canada. Cast: Agata Pilitowska and Maria Nowotarska; The Salon of Poetry, Music [...]

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OSTATKI—Mardi Gras Pittsburgh 2016

The Carnival in Poland, with its last days called Ostatki, is a time of fun and frivolity. It starts right after Christmas and celebrates life before Lent with dance, great food and drinks. One of the delicious and symbolic Carnival desserts in Poland, PACZKI, is especially enjoyed on the last Thursday before Lent, and will [...]

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